About the School

Our History

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Vision & Mission

To nourish children & build personalities in accordance with the law of nature

To create a respectful, supportive and disciplined environment  to facilitate educational  excellence and finally developing human values for eco-justice through modern facilities in our students.

Our School

Aims to provide quality education with uncompromising zeal to groom and discipline our students in a friendly and supportive environment. The school is situated in a densely populated area and in the prime & safe location of Ranchi. The school yields a spectacular view and comfort with spacious classrooms and a grand lush green play-ground for academic and co-curricular activities. Our well-trained teachers are committed to the holistic growth and all-round development of our students inculcating in them intellectual, emotional, linguistic and moral values.

We envision to provide an environment where our kids will excel into any field they opt as a career option later. We plan to give them a solid foundation upon which they can build a mansion.

We ultimately aim to bring our children close to nature where they would have humbleness blended with dignity and they would always be ready to yield their heart and soul to the services of humanity respecting every being. Among our priorities are to foster team-spirit, leadership qualities, sportsmanship and finally to transform them into socially responsible citizens.

Your Future Starts Here.

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